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The Orthodox Western Rite Archdiocese of New York is a constituent part of the Synod of Orthodox Western Rite Bishops of America and Europe.

We are a Synod of Orthodox Western Rite Bishops who are awaiting, provisionally, the time when the Orthodox Western Rite will be fully and properly accepted within Orthodoxy as a legitimate and equal expression of Orthodox Faith and Mission. We have come out of the Russian Church to more freely spread the Orthodox Catholic Faith in our own homelands of Europe and America.

Our Mission

To facilitate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Saviour and the following of Him as Lord within His Body the Orthodox Catholic Church.

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What is Orthodoxy?

The Holy Catholic Church was established by Jesus Christ in A.D. 33. It has remained unchanged down to the present day.  Due to the Great Schism in A.D. 1054, the Eastern Byzantine Church began referring to themselves as the Orthodox Church to differentiate themselves from the errors of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Orthodox Christianity is timeless.  It’s worship and Liturgy have a sense of profound sacredness not found anywhere else. It’s appeal is in the beauty of it’s truth and sincerity. It is not the official purvey of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, neither is it dependent upon a some bishoperic of a foreign nation. It is the timeless Christian Faith that has been handed down to us through the Apostles.

Why is there a Need for a Western-Rite Orthodox Church?

Rome has fallen into legalism and Eastern Orthodoxy has fallen into philetism.

America has a need for all Christians who acknowledge the Tradition and Faith of the Undivided Church, and who observe a Western expression of that Faith,to unite in an Orthodox Catholic Church.

 The basis of this is not compromise but sincere conviction that in order to be faithful to Christ we must return to our roots, to a time when the Church was one in the West.

 The vehicle for this is the joining together of Bishops who hold the same Faith into a Synod of Bishops to pray, grow, and work toward the unity of the Western Church.

Some Interesting Facts

Will that mean that we will all be on the same calendar?

All of the Canonical Orthodox Churches are not on the same calendar….even for Pascha!  The Gregorian calendar will be the basis of our liturgical year. However we will respect the traditions of parishes who wish to use the new calendar. Note that the Latvian, Finnish and Estonian Orthodox Churches use the Gregorian Paschalion.

What Liturgy is used?

The standard will be that of the Mediolanum 1474 Roman Liturgy. Within the Roman Family of uses (Roman, Old Catholic, Anglican) the ancient Roman Rite holds pre-eminence. However, a form of the Anglican Use has also been acknowledged by the Orthodox. (Bishop Jerome of ROCOR blessed one such form) Bishops will decide, in consultation with the Rectors and People of parishes which Liturgy will be best suited to minister to the people of each place. Note: The pre-schismatic Orthodox West, like the East, had several liturgies.

With whom are you in communion?

We are in spiritual communion with all Canonical Orthodox of good will as we hold the Orthodox Faith, and pray for all of the Patriarchs at every Liturgy. However, they may choose not to be in communion with us. We are also in communion with the Old Calendarists who share the ROCOR line of succession especially that of the original Old Calendarist Church of Greece.

We are also open to communion with Traditional Western Orthodox Churches who keep the Orthodox Catholic Faith, Morals, and Practice.


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